Pixela Pictura Films began with a mission to create meaningful connections through documentary storytelling. Our films are empowering, empathetic, and engaging. The approach is always personal and intentional. Our experience and trust built over the years often finds our team working with marginalized communities to share stories of overcoming personal challenges or conflict. Sometimes the challenges are internal and emotional, and sometimes they’re external and physical.

Our catalog of original work includes films within the autism community, the Muslim American population, the brain injured community, refugees, veterans, and everyday athletes. Consequently, these reflective stories encourage our audience to seek understanding and find unexpected similarities in our increasingly divided world.

Furthermore, as an Emmy-nominated and award winning creative studio our films have been seen on ESPN, ABC, PBS, at the Sundance Film Festival and events around the world. Our work on Life Without Basketball was recognized for its contributions to global sport by Human Rights Watch and the short film adapted from the same body of work, FIBA Allow Hijab, was distributed with CNN films and Uninterrupted. The feature documentary film Not a War Story opened at #1 on iTunes documentaries in 2018 and premiered at the Academy of Motion Pictures. Connect with us at Pixela Pictura Films to see what happens next, share a story, or find out more information about a film or upcoming screening near you.

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